Story by: Craig Obligacion Wilson

Teleplay by: Lynn Harrod

Photography by: Travis Belgarde

Edited by: Ryan Hensley


"Concepcion" is a crime family saga that follows the lives of a Filipino kingpin and his extended crime family known as "The Agila" (Eagles), which lords over Historic Filipinotown (HiFi), an impoverished urban district of Los Angeles.  The story is set across 25 years, from 1992 to 2017, alternating nearly equal time in each era.  The central character is Pepe "Pepe" Concepcion, better known as "Lolo Pepe" (Lolo means "grandfather"), who built a vast criminal empire through small business extortion, private gambling, high-end prostitution, and the street sales of "Shabu" (Filipino meth).  All other characters and storylines revolve around Lolo's actions and decisions. Over the 25-year span of the story, Lolo and his friends, associates, and relatives live and work within the underworld of HiFi. Their morals, ethics and loyalties are continually bent and broken as they struggle to revitalize HiFi and build Lolo's vast criminal empire; their version of the "American Dream".

This film short project is currently being developed into a streaming series or for broadcast television.  


Produced by: Nathan McCoy, Sastry Josyula, and Lynn Harrod

Directed by: Ryan Hensley

Written by: Nathan McCoy

Starring: Arlyn Dela Pena

Josie is only free when she's listening to music, free to kill without remorse; but as soon as it stops her stuttering fear of the world and her hurtful actions return to plague her...
...Until she meets her music man.

UPDATE: this project is now being developed into a feature film and re-shot as a short:


SUMMERTIME music video

Produced by Nathan Mccoy, Sastry Josyula & Lynn Harrod.

Directed by Nathan Mccoy.

Starring: Big Daddy Swolls


Produced by Bianca Brigette Van Damme & Only Human Productions

Directed & Written by Nathan Mccoy

Edited by Nathan Mccoy

Killer Legs is a documentary that follows rising action star Alexander Wraith as he attempts to break Bruce Lee's reported kick speed record of 72 mph.

Doctors TV show promo

PASS: Paranormal Activity Security Squad

Directed by Alexander Wraith 

Produced by New Kind of Crazy & Only Human Productions

Visual Effects by Only Human Productions

Best Picture & Director award from the

Los Angeles Horror Competition 2017

P.A.S.S. is an avant garde horror/comedy, reviewed as Salvidor Dali's love child  by the Sorbonne Institute in Paris, France.  P.A.S.S. is a warped exploration into the insane while poking fun at current horror concepts  in today's cinema.  Starring: Alexander Wraith, Sean Stone, Bianca Van Damme, Katie Heidy & Rigan Machado.

  *review article by Professor of Arts Thomas Martin


Produced by Morningstar Films & Four Horsemen Films.

Directed by Alexander Wraith

Visual Effects by Only Human Productions 

Enter the Fist is a screwball comedy following "The Fist" played by Sean Stone (The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers), as he attempts to retrieve his golden fleece; a magical jacket that once made him the number one porn star in the 70's.  featuring cameos by Danny TrejoJeremy & Jason London , Michael Dudikoff, Richard Grieco,

Bill Goldberg, Sam J. Jones, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Ron Jeremy, Bianca Brigette Van Damme, Ernie Reyes Jr., Cynthia Rothrock, Michael Winslow and more...


Produced by Sastry Josyula & Shrikanth Peddibhotla

Co-Produced by Nathan Mccoy

Directed by Jeremy Johnson

Written by Sastry Josyula & Shrikanth Peddibhotla

"Twenty Years" after two best friends part ways, they reunite because of a promise, but the meeting is not what either of them expected.


Directed by Lynn Harrod

Produced by Lynn Harrod, Nathan McCoy & Sastry Josyula

"Pictures of Perla" is an experimental film short created as part of a collaborative group of films put forth by the Fil-Am Creative group working to further Filipino filmmakers. Starring Sarnica Lim (as Perla), Jamie Barcelon (as Arvin), and Virgil Apostol (as Danilo)

We follow a young couple as they document their first date through an internet dating site, but the evening may not turn out as expected.


Directed & Written by: Lynn Harrod

Produced by: Nathan McCoy & Sastry Josyula

Another experimental film by Lynn Harrod we follow Salvador as he comes to grips with his depression of dealing with the grind of life and his sense of self; if there is a God, does he even notice me? 



is currently in development looking to shoot late 2017 to early 2018.  Read more about its progress in our news feed.

Directed and Written by Nathan Mccoy

Produced by Sastry Josyula, Lynn Harrod and Nathan Mccoy


HEALTHCARE: The Sick Truth 

is a documentary taking a hard look at the disincentive and disconnect between hospital owners and their patients and staff.   We follow veterans of the nursing field as they analyze the healthcare system while crafting a bill to put forth to congress for a working single-payer system that could completely change Healthcare in America for the better... for good!

Directed and Written by Nathan Mccoy

Produced by Sastry Josyula, L.D. Harrod, and Nathan Mccoy