President of Production & CEO


NATHAN MCCOY is the owner and mastermind behind Only Human Productions. Having a history as an actor, director, writer, producer and finally a digital artist, he has worked in all avenues of the film industry on varying levels of budgets for the past 20 years.  


Currently working on script and project development as well as company management and our legal department.

President of Development & Head Creative Director


LYNN HARROD is the team's endless creative font and development guru, with 20 years of experience working in and around Hollywood as a director, producer, and screenwriter.  A prolific writer, he has completed dozens of screenplays, teleplays, and short stories, many of which have won awards or placed highly in industry competition.


Lynn is an essential part of the creative management team, helping to polish new projects and set realistic goals.

Creative Director


CRAIG OBLIGACIÓN WILSON is also currently a Talent liaison for the Pasadena Symphony and POPS, as well as founder of the FilAm Chamber of Commerce in Hollywood. He has been a steady voice favoring racial equality in film and pushing diversity at every position in front of and behind the camera.  A film director and producer in his own right, Craig has always had a great eye for talent and innovative approach to project development. Currently, working with Lynn Harrod to push film/media content into Filipino and broader Asian markets.

Recently, Craig has been hired to work also with media company ABS-CBN in helping PR campaigns their films as they find distribution in US markets.

Director / Head Editor


RYAN HENSLEY is a talented director and editor here at OHP.  Apart from sports and theatrical film editing for many industry giants, he is also a talented photographer shooting actors and society icons like Gordon Ramsey and Ziggy Marley (to name but two). His work has been published in Locale magazine, Fox Sports, Fever magazine and others...  Ryan brings his considerable talent in design, color and digital technical knowledge to help finish projects at Only Human.  A lover of passion projects, Ryan already has his own films he wishes to undertake.  One project we love and hope continues to grow, is his "I'm A Filmmaker Too" series.  

A black and white series of photos and mini-interviews of women and minorities in film that deserve recognition for their own inspirational passion and contributions to the history of film world wide.

Edwin A. Santos OHP.png


EDWIN A. SANTOS has twenty years of professional experience in

the entertainment industry having produced features such as the award-winning "Mad Cowgirl" with Sarah Lassez, James Duval and Devon Odessa, and "Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance" with Bai Ling and Tommy Wiseau.

As an actor, he's worked on Funny Or Die, YOMYOMF and the feature film, "Blue Dream" with James Duval and Dominique Swain.   The knowledge that Edwin has acquired over the years he gives back to his fellow Filipino actors wanting to know more about becoming an actor in Hollywood. He created and produced the annual Filipino Hollywood Actors Panel and currently sits on the FACCHO board of directors.


Mr. Santos has a soft-spoken demeanor but has a keen eye for detail and a good judge of talent and character.  Always striving to keep a production calm and running smoothly.