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Lynn Harrod is an award-winning writer, artist, filmmaker, and web designer, with a background and education in film, video, and graphic design. He established Tomato Productions in Fresno, CA to write and direct his first feature film before relocating to Los Angeles to attend film school.

Lynn was the first of five students selected by his school for the Arthur Hiller Master Directing Class and was chosen to participate in the Pioneer 2880 extramural short film competition. Between film projects, he worked as a freelance web and graphic designer for independent films and studios.


As a screenwriter, he placed several times in the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship: twice in the Quarterfinals, once in the Semifinals, and once in the Top 20 Percent.  He placed in the Finals of the Nevada Film Office Screenwriting Competition, the semifinals of the Writer’s Network Screenplay Competition, and twice in the semifinals of the FadeIn Awards.

He returned to Fresno to raise his newborn daughter around family. Tomato Productions was refocused on web and graphic design, with filmmaking as a secondary focus. For his web design work, Lynn received the PRSA Image Award of Excellence for Best Website.

Today, Lynn is a production partner with Only Human Productions in Los Angeles. Several of his screenplays - both solo and collaborations - are currently in development.

Lynn specializes in web and graphic design work for small businesses and nonprofits. Feel free to view his resume and portfolio, and contact him for a consultation.

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