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Added Leesa Simone to head hair and make-up & Merry Cammack to key!

Met Leesa on the set of Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleece, and was immediately taken with her professionalism and upbeat attitude. She most recently has worked on the TV show Grimm and has a great artistic eye for beauty make-up... and the gross stuff: Silicon body molds are gonna be needed for stunts and blood fx. We're gonna have fun!

Working with Leesa is Merry Cammack who specializes in fx make-up. She also was a huge part of NBC's Grimm for 3 years and assistant shop manager at B2FX, INC (to Oscar winning Makeup Artist, Barney Burman). Merry helps Burman's work with NBC, CBS, Disney, as well as Kanye West's "Famous" music video. So glad to have her aboard as Key Make-up!


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