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Enter The Fist And The Golden Fleecing

Just finished working as 1st Assistant Director/DIT on the martial arts spoof film "Enter the Fist" which follows the main hero Fist (the possible progeny of Chuck Norris and Patrick Swazy) as he searches for his Golden Fleece jacket with a managerie of ridiculous characters in crazy situations that might make Ron Jeremy blush... who makes a cameo in this film along with a distiguished list of 1980s action stars, rising stars and current martial arts legends including, but not limited to: Gene Labelle, Victor Ortiz, Don "the dragon" Wilson, Tommy Davidson, Ernie Reyes Jr., Gokor, Michael Dudekoff, Taimok, Sean Stone, Bianca Brigette Van Damme, Sam Jones, Cynthia Rothrock, Tommy "Tiny" Lister... and more! It was challenging, but soon the digital challenge starts as I help with the VFX for this film as VFX Supervisor, gotta find some interns and trusted friends to help with this one!

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