Kickbox Preproduction

March 31, 2015

I've been made a Producer for the newest film by New Kind of Crazy Productions staring Bianca Bree Van Damme (daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme), and rising action star Alex Wraith. 


After doing the Hollywood shuffle and taking meetings with producers offering shaky or shady deals we've decided to go with Indie GoGo and crowd fund this film.  


Kickbox will be predominantly shot in Bangkok, Thailand with the bulk of the crew and actors coming from that region.  To save on production costs, we've all taken on multiple hats for this production as I am also helping Alex (the director/writer) as his 1st Assistant Director and then working with Bald Bold FX Men performing vfx work and color correction when the time comes.  Definitely excited about the journey for this film and will feature updates when they arrise.  


Currently the preproduction to craft the Indie GoGo hype has sparked us to actually film a documentary about Alex Wraith as well.  I basically wanted to see how fast and strong his kicks are and so we went to LAC USC Medical Research campus in downtown Los Angeles and ran a slew of tests on the guy.  The documentary is also being edited right now and will be up with the crowd funded pitch as well as on Netflix.  So stay tuned and find out if the star of this movie as the fastest kick on the planet! (documentary to be named: "Killer Legs")


posted are some stills from the documentary and training of Bianc and Alex.









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