Currently in development, we are in talks with the Philippine government and the 

department of tourism about filming part of the show in country.  This gritty crime drama will show the Concepcion family and the trials they face as immigrants establishing themselves in the United States.  

A story that should ring true for immigrants from all countries that have integrated to American culture.  Award winning 

director/producer Craig Obligacion Wilson and award winning writer Lynn Harrod havspecifically chosen to set the back drop for this series during the heated race riots of Los Angeles that caused the city to struggle with defining its own identity.


Much like The Godfather  or The Sopranos,

The world of Concepcion will focus on family dealing with extreme circumstances.


The growing diversity in film with the #pinoyrising and #goldopen movements is revealing the talent in expanding overseas film markets.

O.H.P. actively embraces this opportunity to showcase these diverse talents.

Actors in Talks


Reggie playing his acclaimed role of Sgt. Wu from Grimm.

Reggie Lee has signed on to co-star in the ensemble cast as the character Amo Napol Hontiveros, as well as adding his talents as a producer.  He is known for his commanding performances in the shows Prison Break and Grimm.

Jon Jon Headshot.jpg

Jon Jon Briones has shown interest in the series and is supportive of the project, but currently working on the television series Ratched, created by famed show creator Ryan Murphy.  Once free of contractual conflicts we will resume talks Best known for his dynamic performances in Miss Saigon, Son's of Anarchy,  and American Crime Story: Assassination of Gianni Versace


Mr. Briones as his role of The Engineer in Miss Saigon.  Which he has reprised in the US, London, Philippines and German versions of the musical.

Mark Dacoscos1.jpg

Currently in talks with Mark Dacascos about playing Amo Jojo, right hand man and dapper enforcer to Lolo Pepe.  Mr. Dacascos has a long career as an action and crime drama star, most recently playing opposite Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3: Parabellum.  His subtle humor and physical screen presence is perfect for this Jekyll and Hyde regular lead role.  

(Best known for Only The Strong, Brotherhood of the Wolf, and John Wick 3)

Mark Dacoscos3.png
Mon Confiado1_edited.jpg

Mon Confiado has expressed interest to play the dual role of Kalaw and Bucho, joining a growing powerhouse acting ensemble.  Having starred in 200+ roles in Filipino film and television shows, his addition to the show would symbolize the merger of great talent from America and Philippines.

(Mon is best known for his roles in Heneral LunaGoyo)


Sheila Tejada is an actress and producer, known for Driving While Black (2015), Ray Donovan (2013) and I Really Hate My Ex (2015).  Signed on to play the role of Luisa Concepcion, Pepe's daughter.

JB Taneda.jpg

J.B. Tadena is also an actor/producer, known for his roles in SEAL Team (2017), Hawaii Five-O (2010) and NCIS: Los Angeles (2009). Playing the role of Paulo Concepcion, Pepe's oldest son.

JB Tadena2.jpg

Zedrick Restauro is an actor who co-starred on the ABC drama "How To Get Away with Murder" opposite Viola Davis, and the FX drama "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story".  Zedrick has signed on to play the role of Benny Concepcion, youngest son of Pepe.

Alberto Issacs.jpg

Alberto Isaac is best known for his roles in Get Shorty (2017), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015), and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.  Signed on to play the role of Manny Buencamino, long time friends of the Concepcion crime family.


Jay Costelo is currently in pre-production for Amblin Television's and CBS's new show "Tommy".


Virgil Apostol is known for his roles in Itsy Bitsy (2019), the award-winning films A View from the Mountain (2017), and The Year I Did Nothing (2019).  His expertise in Escrima (Filipino stick fighting) will be woven into the series' combat choreography.

Anna Pan1.jpg

Anna Pan is known for her roles in Fata Morgana (2016), the award winning film Gold Fortune (2017) and Who to Love (2017).  Playing the part of Annie Rose, a tough as nails recovering junkie with a fatally dark secret.

Anna Pan2.jpg


David Greenie.jpg

David Greenwalt and Veronica Greenwalt co-owners of Swan Song Productions have agreed to showrun with Carig Wilson and Lynn Harrod.  David is a veteran producer and creator of the acclaimed show Grimm (among others).  He is now in talks with studios and streaming platforms to finish off the greenlight process.  


Terrance O'Hara is a veteran director/producer (NCIS, Blacklist, Heroes), has fallen in love with the series and agreed to direct the pilot and stay on as series director.